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Whiskey Wheat

Published: 03/16/2011 by Whiskey.com in Types of Whiskey

Whiskey wheat is normally used to make a straight grain whiskey. Whiskey wheat often creates a spirit that is much lighter in appearance than other whiskeys.

Many country and rock artists have penned and recorded whiskey songs over the years. Such songs usually tell a tale of drowning one's sorrows over a breakup with a lover or boast about a hard-partying lifestyle fueled by their favorite whiskey.

Whiskey and cigars can be paired in a number of ways to compliment and contrast their flavors bringing out their best. Whether drinking bourbon, scotch or whiskey, there is a cigar that can enhance the experience.

Some of the most famous people of all time have been whiskey drinkers. From historic leaders to legendary authors, discover who some of the most famous whiskey drinkers of all time are.

Whiskey has a stormy history. During the prohibition era, distillers developed creative practices that turned whiskey into an art.

The connection between food and alcohol is a common one, and the most frequent advice given is related to wine and food. There are many ways that whiskey complements food, as well, not only in regard to cooking, but also in the sipping.

Whiskey Bootleggers

Published: 03/16/2011 by Whiskey.com in Whiskey History

Whiskey Bootleggers occupy a special position within the fabric of American history. Somewhere between outlaw and artist does the whiskey bootlegger find his place among other controversial figures.