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Whiskey Wheat

Published: 03/16/2011 by Whiskey.com in Types of Whiskey

Whiskey wheat is normally used to make a straight grain whiskey. Whiskey wheat often creates a spirit that is much lighter in appearance than other whiskeys.

Blended American whiskey is just that: a blend of different types of whiskeys that usually doesn't advertise its age. That is reasonable because any blended American whiskey that does display

Pure pot still whiskey is unique to Ireland, and is so called because it is whiskey produced from spirits that are distilled in and taken from a pot still. Pure pot still whiskey resembles single malt whiskey.

If you have ever wondered about the whiskey distillation process used to create your favorite whiskey, then you are in luck. Here you will find information on the whiskey distillation process.

The first step in making whiskey is starts with seeing the beauty in the waving fields of barley, rye, wheat or corn. When making whiskey, appreciating the grain that enriches the essential.

Whiskey Aging

Published: 03/16/2011 by Whiskey.com in Whiskey Production

Whiskey aging, also commonly known as mellowing, removes that raw edge in order to impart a smooth whiskey taste on the palette. That is the short answer but the whiskey aging process is a little more involved.

Blended Irish whiskey comes in different types that tell a lot about how they were made but were all distilled in Ireland. There are a few different types of Irish whiskey, but there are only four major distilleries in Ireland that make all.

The crafting of good whiskey is a time-honored tradition that blends a variety of techniques to produce an even wider variety of products. Gaining some basic understanding of what goes into crafting a good whiskey may help one to further appreciate i

Single grain whiskey is one that has been manufactured from only one type of malted grain and has been distilled in one certain distillery. Traditionally, single grain whiskey is made from barley cultivated in near proximity to the distillery of prod

Malt Whiskey

Published: 03/16/2011 by Whiskey.com in Types of Whiskey

Known for its unique smooth taste, malt whiskey has been a long time favorite among many whiskey drinkers. While malt whiskey is rumored to be a Scottish invention, it's produced in distilleries around the world.