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What are the Most Popular Brands of Whiskey


Published: 05/24/2011

by Whiskey.com


Whiskey is a drink that has one of the widest variations of price and quality amongst alcohol, with some bottles being less than $10 and others fetching prices of up to $38,000 for a bottle. However, while many people enjoy a good whiskey, not everyone is prepared to pay their yearly salary on a single bottle. The most popular whiskeys are a balance between fine blend, high alcohol content and a price tag which communicates how much you love a good Scotch, but not too extravagant at the same time.

Although you probably know this already, it is worth mentioning that the term Scotch only applies to whiskey blended and distilled in Scotland. That being said, the best whiskey may not be the one that appeals to your particular taste, as there are subtleties in each one which may or may not suit you. The Famous Grouse, a blended Scotch, is the most popular brand of whiskey in Scotland. It is also very popular elsewhere in the United Kingdom. This whiskey blend combines three different blends, has an alcohol content of around 40% and costs around $36 per Liter (33 fl. oz) of this fine Scotch whiskey. The Glenlivet is the most popular single malt Scotch in the United States, and number two worldwide, is produced in one of the oldest distilleries and features whiskey as old as 25 years.

The Irish also make fine whiskey, exporting their brands all over the world. Jameson Whiskey is one of the most popular Irish Whiskeys in America and other parts of the world. This whiskey is triple distilled and as such has the reputation of being an extremely smooth whiskey. The Jameson distillery is one of the largest in the world, and produces several different types of Irish Whiskey. The standard Jameson Irish Whiskey typically retails for around $60 for a one liter bottle, although prices vary from store to store. A certain pub in Minneapolis, Minnesota sells over 600 cases of this brand daily.

Bourbon is the name given to whiskey blended and distilled in America, and is made from corn. Apart from the fact that it’s made from corn, bourbon does not have a minimum age requirement (as do Irish and Scotch whiskies). Even though Jack Daniels is not labeled as bourbon, it falls into this general category. Jack Daniels is one of the most popular whiskies in the world, and the company has a net income of over $120 million per year. Jack Daniels has many different variations, each with a unique taste and cost, although it is typically around $35 for a liter.

Johnnie Walker is widely recognized as the most popular Scotch whiskey in the world, selling over 130 million bottles a year. This particular brand of Scotch features several variants, such as Red Label, Black Label and Blue Label. It is the variance of price and flavor which appeals to almost every single whiskey lover, which makes this the most popular whiskies ever.