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Wheat Whiskey


Published: 03/17/2011

by Whiskey.com


Wheat Whiskey


Wheat whiskey is a very popular type of whiskey for many people and has a different taste and style than many other types of whiskeys. Wheat whiskey is a distilled grain alcohol that comes from mashed grains. There are different types of grains that can be used to make whiskey that make for different tastes. Wheat whiskey can be made all over the world and different types of wheat lead to different flavors as well. Wheat whiskey as the name suggests comes from wheat. The wheat is mashed up and added to alcohol, commonly ethanol, to ferment and then distilled. Distillation is a very important process of making wheat whiskey.


Wheat Whiskey Distillation

Distillation is not the only part of making a quality wheat whiskey, though it is a large process. Finding a measure of the right amounts of wheat to use is the first step and then comes grinding. Wheat whiskey comes from coarsely ground wheat. After these processes, the mashing process makes the coarsely ground wheat into a malt that is nearly ready for fermenting. Fermenting is the process of adding yeast to get the mixture ready for distillation. Wheat whiskey is commonly distilled twice rather than once, or three times commonly used in other types of whiskeys. Distilling purifies the whiskey and the number of times the wheat whiskey is distilled will change its taste.


The last step of the process to making wheat whiskey is maturing it. Wheat whiskey is meant to be matured in oak barrels and must be matured for at least three years. Three years of maturation is actually a legal requirement and many places choose to mature the whiskey longer or age it once bottled. Wheat whiskey is pretty uncommon due to the fact that it must be made from at least 51% wheat. When it comes to rare whiskeys, the taste is often desired because it is harder to come by.


Blended Whiskeys, Rye Whiskeys and Wheat Whiskeys

Blended whiskeys can substitute for a pure wheat whiskey, and rye whiskey is similar to the wheat.
There are a few different types of wheat whiskey available and produced even though they are less common. Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey is one of the leaders in this type and is brewed in Kentucky. This wheat whiskey is a favorite of many that are looking for whiskey in general. With wheat as the primary ingredient, it offers a smoother and complete taste than many other whiskeys, even though many American whiskeys use wheat in the blend. Dry Fly is another option for those looking to try out a smooth wheat whiskey with a flavor unlike many others.


Wheat Whiskey Regulation

The only real regulation on wheat whiskey is the regulation on the maturation being at least three years. Other than that, the necessary 51% or more wheat content is what makes wheat whiskey what it is. Finding the right whiskey for you is a matter of smoothness and taste. Try some quality wheat whiskeys to find out which one is right for you and enjoy the experience.