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Whiskey Brands


Published: 03/07/2011

by Whiskey.com


Whiskey Brands

The myriad whiskey brands in the world may seem daunting; however, whether you are a seasoned expert or a novice, the proper choices will become evident with research. This world holds such an amazing and ever growing number of whiskey brands, that consulting certain websites will help determine what you require. Many factors are important when choosing a whiskey brand. Taste, regional implications, and cost are all factors when choosing which of the many whiskey brands is correct for you.

Whiskey's various tastes are generally identifiable by geographic origin, and secondarily by whiskey brand. Whether a Canadian style with a rich, dry taste, a peaty “scotch” from Scotland, or a sweeter bourbon from the states, regional palate distinctions may be the first question to address prior to whiskey brands. Keep your audience and the occasion in mind.

Scotch Whisky Brands

Scotch whisky (notice the spelling difference), is exclusively from Scotland. Selections vary in quality and taste from region to region, depending on historical taste preferences. Most often enjoyed “neat,” without ice or a mixer; this is the connoisseur’s whiskey. The expert whiskey drinker will know their scotch, cultivating an educated palate. Whiskey brands around the world have tried to emulate the wonderful reputation that Scotland has built.

Irish Whiskey Brands

Irish whiskey is similar to its Scottish cousin. The Irish do not produce nearly the number of whiskey brands, so mastery of Irish whiskeys is a much less intimidating chore. When in Ireland, however, be careful to know where you are ordering your whiskey. Because of sectarian and religious conflicts, you may be offending someone by ordering the incorrect whiskey brands.

Types of Irish Whiskey

There are a few different types of native Irish whiskey that are most well known. These are Single Malt and Single Grain as well as the aforementioned Blended Irish whiskey. The Irish Whiskey Act does not define these distinctions clearly, so there can sometimes be some confusion as to what qualifies as a Single Malt or Single Grain, and what comprises each usually varies from distiller to distiller.

American Whiskey Brands

Whiskey brands in the Americas are equally diverse. Canada has produced several whiskey brands of varying quality. The Canadian styles became popular during prohibition as the production of legal spirits in the United States had ceased, eliminating many long lasting whiskey brands. Canadian can also be a style of whiskey as there are several whiskey brands in the United States which create a similar style.

Bourbon is the hallmark of American whiskey types. Whiskey brands from the United States that have become known worldwide are usually bourbons. Bourbons usually are distilled in the American south, which had been settled largely by borderland Scots who took their rich distilling heritage and created the flagship American whiskey brands.

Whiskey brands vary in price drastically. Assuming that you are dealing with fifths in the US, the price for just mainstream whiskey brands can range from $8 to $300 easily. If you are mixing your whiskey with soda or some other soft drink, it’s unreasonable to pay more than $10; find a cheap Canadian or a bourbon. If you are looking for a more civilized experience, look to the whiskey brands that are a little more high-end. It is not necessary to spend even $50; many whiskey brands hold both wonderful taste and price.

Discover for yourself. Explore the various whiskey brands out there; it will be well worth your time.