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Whiskey Drinks


Published: 03/07/2011

by Whiskey.com


Whiskey Drinks

Whiskey drinks are favored around the world, and whiskey is produced in many countries. Some unique whiskey drinks require the use of a spirit distilled in a specific geographic area. Scotch whiskey drinks, for example, must be made with whiskey (or whisky) produced in Scotland. The Scots have been producing whiskey drinks for centuries and some Scottish brands have become famous worldwide. Chivas Regal and J&B, two well-known brands of Scotch, have practically become household names.

Whiskey Shot

Concocting whiskey drinks can be an art form. Some whiskey drinks, however, require no mixing at all; they merely need to be served up according to preference. Many a cowboy has been portrayed on the big or small-screen sidling up to the bar in a western saloon and ordering a shot of redeye. In this case, the bartender would fill a shot glass with whatever inferior quality, rock-gut whiskey was available and the beverage would often be consumed in a single swallow.

Whiskey Neat or Whiskey Straight

Today whiskey drinks are also ordered in shots, especially among the young crowd, but an alternative way to obtaining an undiluted dose of whiskey is to order “whiskey, neat.” This is a way of telling the barman you want your drink without ice or any other additive. It's usually served, in this case, in a glass much larger than a shot glass, but the amount of liquid will be about the same as one shot. “Straight” is another way of ordering whiskey drinks “with nothing added.”

Whiskey on the Rocks or Whiskey with a Mixer.

Other ways of ordering whiskey drinks that are fairly faithful to the pure whiskey taste is to ask for it “on the rocks,” which simply means with ice cubes in the glass. Other simple dilutions of whiskey drinks, besides ice, are whiskey and water or whiskey and soda. One of the most well-known Scotch Whiskey drinks is Scotch and Soda, which was the title of a hit song by the Kingston Trio back in the 60s. To the English, the term “whiskey” generally means Scotch, or a spirit distilled in Scotland. The most popular of whiskey drinks throughout the British Isles is undoubtedly whiskey and soda.

List of Whiskey Drinks

The list of whiskey drinks, of which whiskey is the main ingredient, is long and varied. Some call for one of several specific types of whiskey, including rye, bourbon, blended, malt, grain, corn and others. Some of the most frequently ordered whiskey drinks include the Whiskey Sour, the Rob Roy, the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned and the Mint Julep. While purists require the Julep to be made with bourbon, a whiskey sour can contain bourbon, rye or even a blended whiskey. Other, more obscure whiskey drinks include the Bourbon Black Hawk, the Affinity Cocktail, the Ward Eight and the Sazerac.

According to the experts, mixed whiskey drinks should never be made with Irish whiskey (malt). Almost all whiskey is aged in oak barrels, sometimes for many years. These barrels are usually charred, giving the whiskey its distinctive smoky flavor.