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Whiskey Sour


Published: 03/07/2011

by Whiskey.com


Whiskey Sour

The whiskey sour is a popular and refreshing alcoholic beverage that is easy and fun to make. The main ingredients of a whiskey sour are whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar, but there are some variations and garnishes you can try out. To make your own whiskey sour, mix 2 oz. of your favorite whiskey, the juice of half a lemon (or about 1 ½ oz.), and ½ teaspoon powdered sugar together in ice. For an authentic whiskey sour, shake it all together, and strain out the drink into an old-fashioned or “rocks” glass to drink either straight up or over ice.


For garnishes on your whiskey sour, there are several combinations. One of the most common whiskey sour garnishes is a maraschino cherry, and many bars include a piece of lemon rind or a small orange slice in their whiskey sours. Some people drink whiskey sours with a powdered sugar rim on the glass – this can help to combat the sourness of the lemon in the drink. For a powdered rim, simply wet the rim of the glass by rubbing a lemon slice around it, and then gently turn the glass upside-down and dab into a bowl of powdered sugar, shaking off the excess sugar afterward. Then pour your whiskey sour into the glass, along with any garnishes. How you garnish your whiskey sour is up to you so make it yours!


Egg Whites in a Whiskey Sour

Some bars include egg whites in whiskey sours. Using egg whites in mixed drinks, like whiskey sours, fizzes, and flips may seem a little strange, but it is coming back into fashion. If the idea of raw egg white in your whiskey sour makes you uncomfortable, keep in mind that the risk of getting salmonella from raw eggs is very slim. You can buy powdered whites if you don’t want to crack your own egg. Trendy bars all over the U.S. have been bringing back egg whites in drinks like the whiskey sour because of their positive effect on the texture of the drink: they help to blend and emulsify whiskey sours, and other drinks, in addition to making them foamier and more enjoyable.


Sugar and Lemon Juice

One benefit to making your own whiskey sour is that you know what the ingredients will be. Some bars use “sour mix,” a pre-made sugary blend used instead of the sugar and lemon juice called for above. This saves the bartender time, but it hurts the purity and taste of the drink, because the ratio of sour to sweet is not controlled by the bartender, and sour mixes are not always made with all-natural ingredients. If you find that you are having a hard time getting the sugar in your whiskey sour to incorporate into the liquid, you can use ¾ oz. simple syrup instead, which is a blend of water and sugar that mixes easily into iced drinks.


Make the Whiskey Sour Your Way.

You can make your whiskey sour as simple or as elaborate as you want. However you make it, it will be a classic to be enjoyed year-round.