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Whiskey Bottles

by Whiskey.com on 09/16/2013 - 12:36 pm

Where and how you store your whiskey is almost as important as what kind and brand you buy, and as well as doubling up as a decorative piece, adding to the décor of your kitchen or living area, or simply sprucing up a drinks cabinet, choosing the right kind of whiskey bottle can also make the consumption of the contents a whole lot more satisfying.
Luckily, there is certainly no shortage of whiskey bottle options available. In fact, the market for whiskey and liquor storage is so huge that you can now even get custom glass bottles made to order.

Vintage and collectible bottles
Scour the Internet, antique shops and markets for vintage whiskey glass bottles. You will be sur ...

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Popcorn Sutton American White Whiskey...

by Whiskey.com on 04/04/2012 - 03:34 pm
Category: Whiskey People

Moonshine and moonshiners are almost as American as apple pie. A legendary moonshiner like Popcorn Sutton would take exception to the word ‘almost’. Popcorn comes from a tradition of American moonshiners who trace their history to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, a revolt against the imposition of taxes on liquor to pay for the Revolutionary War. Americans thought the Boston Tea Party had taken care of that idea. The Whiskey Rebellion was crushed, but moonshiners grabbed the popular imagination and moonshining to avoid taxes took root. 
Popcorn Sutton can thank the temperance movement of the late 19th century and Prohibition in the 1920s for his occupation and fame. Accordin ...

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What makes the best quality whiskey?

by Whiskey.com on 04/04/2012 - 02:47 pm
Category: Whiskey

Some claim that a good whiskey is nectar from the gods, and indeed, the best whiskey goes down clean and smoothly. The drinker experiences the nuances of the drink with nary a bite to the mouth and throat. Those who possess sensitive or trained palates gladly expound upon the flavor notes they detect such as fruits or caramel, notes that science proves the existence of. Whiskey obtains these flavors and more through the distilling process which plays a large role in imparting flavor and texture to the finished product.
Whiskey has been made in the same manner for an untold number of years, with its creation stemming with the distillation process. Spring or filtered water and fermented mash ...

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Whiskey Drink Recipe Videos

by Whiskey.com on 04/20/2011 - 05:56 pm
Category: Whiskey

Whiskey Drink Recipe Videos
We are getting ready to go into production of some new whiskey recipe videos.  Let us know what types of drinks you are interested in learning how to make and we will add them to our video list.  The whiskey drink recipes will also be available in English and Spanish.
Add your own drink recipe video!  We are always looking for creative and new whiskey drink recipes to add to our video collection.  Create your own video and send us the link.  We will check it out and add it.  We would really like drink recipes in different languages, as we are trying to create a diverse whiskey resource.
So go ahead and get t ...

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